Artist Statement

The Logan River has been a strong element in the past which has evolved over time. In this piece, it begins as “The River of Tears” symbolizing the felling of trees and disruption to the natural life of the Yugambeh people. In panel two it becomes a “Gushing river” with the movement of the red cedar logs as civilisation begins.In panel three we see the River becoming a blend of colours drawn from the earth where the Ancient ones remain, symbolising the connection between the new community and its’ past.

The sky is also an element that travels across all three panels, beginning as “The Whirling Wind” it summons the past energies and blends them with the “Development of Past Knowledge and Understanding”.

Thus, the river, the “Ancient Ones” and the sky are holding the energies of the past and bringing them into the future with the historical knowledge and understanding that is needed.

Textile Artist and Community Artist: Bec Andersen

Song of Yarrabilba

Oh where are the ancient ones?

Still spinning in the whirling wind?

The children dance with your shadows.

Oh where are the ancient ones?

Still singing in the flowing river?

The children sing your tears and laughter.

Here are the women

Twirling and twining the wool

Laughing, talking and stitching

The songs and dances

Into vast coloured dreams -

Full of beauty and togetherness.

Margy Rose (inspired by children’s response to Yarrabilba history)