Location: The Corner Studio, 20 Lister St Monto Queensland, 4630 Australia.

Come try this Punch Needle Rug Making, this technique that mimics my own process of hand tufting without all the infrastructure. A simple hand-held tool, a backing cloth stretched tight onto a frame and some hand dyed wool, is all you need to catch the bug. I call this Rugmaking for the modern maker, it is simple, fast and addictive.

Cost: $140/$150 -Includes 400g wool and backing fabric to make a 35cm chair pad.

Upgrade to a Mat Size Kit for an extra $135.

Purchase a tool on the day for $45.

Frames can be purchased on the day or DIY either before or after the workshop.

10 Punchneedle Rug Making in MONTO Sat July 20th , 2024 9.30-2.30pm


I will be travelling to Monto Queensland this winter to share my work and passion for rug making. Hosted by Emma at The Hub, 20 Lister St Monto Queensland, 4630 Australia.

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11 Punchneedle Rug Making Workshop in MONTO Sun July 21st , 2024 9.30-2.30pm

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