Created for The RNA show in 2010.

The cedar footstool was made by a craftsman from a workshop in Albion in Brisbane in 1952. My mother had made a tapestry when she was 15, and her mother had the footstool crafted to house the tapestry. Over the years the tapestry began to look faded, and damaged.

The “Bird Mystic” design came to me in my sleep, the birds are a combination of owls and top notch pigeons, the larger owl in the centre of the tree has antenae like tendrils she is the wise one, who is watching over all of the other little birds, from a safe place in the tree.

Made by hand using a the Hooky technique or Primtive Rug Hooking.

Dyes used : Indigo,Cochineal, Fustic, Logwood, Cutch and Osage.