Rug Size: 90cm x 90cm

Made to Order - $850

Designed for Caldera Art Awards 2012

Title : Firewheel

Medium : Handtufted Rug, 100% wool, hand dyed using only natural dyes.

Size: 90cm by 90cm

Artist Statement

Someone had the foresight to plant this glorious flowering native tree in my garden over 10 years ago.

Each summer when the tree explodes into it’s distinct scarlet orange firewheel flowers right in front of my studio

I pay homage to this unknown person, and also to this wonderful species.

Planting a tree is part of your personal legacy , one that you can revisit at a later date.

Common Name: Firewheel tree

Family: Proteaceae

Distribution: Rainforests of north-eastern New South Wales and eastern Queensland.

Derivation of Name: Stenocarpus...From Greek stenos, narrow and carpos, a fruit, a reference to the characteristics of the seed capsules

sinuatus...From Latin sinuatus, wavy, a reference to the margins of the leaves

Conservation Status: Not considered to be at risk in the wild. YET! Unlike our Koalas!