Rug Size: 182cm X 152cm

Created in my studio in Canada in 2001.

The images for this piece came from the drawing book of a little girl aged 7 who I met when I lived in in Vancouver . I scanned her original drawings and then scaled and composed the rug design, using only her images.

Her Story:

This is a magic girl hamster, the lights on her back are there so she can see in the dark, so she won’t get lost. Her whole body can glow in the dark and light up, because she is a little fairy. She can fold up her feathers all over her.

Once upon a time, a man and a woman bore a hamster in a flower because she was a fairy. Then a butterfly flew on her head so she kept it for her pet. She put it in a big glass with some nature and flowers and four leaf clovers and she painted flowers and rainbows all over the jar, Lid on, and poked some holes in so the butterfly can breath. Fairies can see the air.

Dyes used:

Cochineal, Madder, Osage, Indigo, Logwood, Cutch, Iron.