Rug Size: 2000 x 2000

Commissioned Piece

Made for a Jean Jacques who earns his living as a gardener. A plant he is most familiar with was chosen as the subject matter. The Monstera deliciosa commonly known as the fruit salad plant or swiss cheese plant is Native to Mexico and Central America. It was also only recently recorded as naturalised for the first time in Queensland. However, it is relatively common in bushland in suburban Brisbane, with some naturalised plants growing up 5 m or more into the canopies of trees. It is mainly found growing where garden waste has been dumped along roadsides and waterways (e.g. along Enoggera Creek, Ithaca Creek and the Brisbane River). He wanted something bold and exaggerated in warm golds and rich greens, the forms of the Monstera Deliciosa worked well in this large circular piece.