Finalist in 2010 Border Art Prize.

“I wish that we could have more time to gather together to embroider, knit and sew.”

The Wishing Chair began its life circa 1940.

I do not know its history before I found it on the side of the road near to where I live on Tamborine Mountain.

That was eight years ago, when we needed a few more chairs.

I had returned to Australia after five years in Canada with my new husband and a soon to be born daughter.

Since then “The Wishing Chair” has been:

A breast feeding chair
A story telling chair
A tea drinking chair
A cat's sleeping and scratching chair, and
A welcome chair at the door of my studio.

I wonder where the wishing chair will go next?

I have chosen to reupholster it with handmade textiles; all hand dyed using natural dyes. The wings are made using silk, rayon velvet and a dévore process.

Devore paste is screened onto the fabric, and when heat is applied the rayon is burnt out and the silk remains, leaving the sheer effect.

Natural Dyes used: Cochineal, Madder,Lac