“Sew Local Sweat Shop” is a public art event which actively engages the community to sew shopping bags in a factory production line setting. The performance will take place in a vacant shopfront and will provide educational and community building opportunities to the participants and audience.

“Sew Local Sweat Shop” seeks to educate the community about a whole series of current issues as well as the skills required to create the bags:

  • Slow Fashion vs Fast Fashion
  • Overuse of plastics in the Environment
  • Cutting, sewing overlocking and printing.
  • Upcycling Fabric into useful shopping bags
  • General Waste not Want not education

Social Engagement

“Sew Local Sweat Shop” is a free community event. Local Business will provide the platform to promote the sewing event and to gather donated fabrics.

Local Community Groups and schools are encouraged to join in.

This project will bring those who know how to sew together with those who do not, providing a strong connection. It is hoped that all ages of the community will be blended into one cohesive production line with a mission to make bags.

Participants and Audience members will be a part of the making of community memories, as well as learning new skills and creating new friends.

Location: Shop 18 Flame Tree Plaza, Main Western Road Tamborine Mountain.

“Sew Local Sweat Shop” has been offered a vacant shop at #18 Flame Tree Plaza next to “El Burro” this space was once a bead shop and then a shoe shop. It is a combined gift of a mysterious and generous landlord in conjunction with Michael from Tamborine Mountain Pizza. The project aims to revitalize this empty space temporarily to create community memories and stories.


February 15th 10.30 am Official Launch at TM Library.

March 4th Installation and space prep with dry run

March 5 - 10 Sewing Production Line interactive Performance

March 11th Bag Distribution.

How can I get involved?

· Come to the library for the official launch on Friday the 15th of Feb at 10.30am, check out the prototype bags, see a demo of how to make them and sign up for a sewing session in March.

· We will need, cutters, sewers, Over lockers, tea makers, ironers, logo printers.

· Fabric donations medium weight min width 115 cm clean can be left at Tamborine Mountain Library or with Jodie at Florence and Frida.

· Donations of good quality grey/beige or neutral sewing machine and overl ocker thread, also required.

· If you wish to sew a bag for yourself you will need to provide 1 m of min width 115 wide medium weight fabric, which will make 2 bags one for the project and one for you to keep. Bring this with you to one of the sewing sessions and add it to the work pile for the day.

· Unique pre-stamped Bush Turkey Facings, handles and hooks provided.

· Sewing instructions and support provided.

· You may wish to collect facings and patterns and do some take away sewing.

See full project dates here

Visit Jodie at The Closet by Florence and Frida shop 3b/15 Main St, North Tamborine to book your free place.


Email Bec to book your free place

Purchase sewing pattern here

Project concept designed by Bec Andersen August 2018. www.becandersen.com